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Lab Services

The WG Wearne Central Laboratory, located at our Head Office in Randfontein, is an internal service provider to our ready-mix plants and quarries.

The vision of the laboratory is to offer the industry assurance of compliance to strict internal quality control measures through sound technical support, including concrete consulting and laboratory services.

Our Central Laboratory has recently undergone a substantial upgrade. Our new facility has produced a platform of standards, specialist equipment and procedures to enable us to offer our operations enviable facilities combined with appropriately experienced staff.

The laboratory works closely with the product development and plant support department, who together form the Technical Department. A qualified concrete technologist is available to provide our customers with site consulting services related to all aspects of concrete quality control, advice regarding good concrete practice, site laboratory set up, as well as trouble shooting with remedial proposals.

Central Laboratory services include:

  • On-going routine testing to ensure compliance of materials and products to relevant standards.
  • Determining concrete mix proportions for special applications/projects based on technical compliance and cost effectiveness within all concreting disciplines, supported by testing facilities to evaluate both the plastic and hardened properties of concrete.
  • Performing aggregate analyses and assessing constituent materials in order to comment on suitability for application.
  • Research and development testing to strive for constant improvement through innovative application of knowledge.
  • Technical advice related to concrete type and recommended application.
  • Expert information and recommendations on most aspects of concrete technology.

Our objective is to become a recognised and respected service provider within WG Wearne and to strive for ISO9001 accreditation, in order to assure our customers of our competence and integrity.

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